Trex Decking

Why Trex Decking?

A deck is a terrific addition to your home. However, as with any type of home improvement or addition, there are lots of options for you to choose from. Trex decks have become one of the most popular types in recent years and has been gaining popularity ever since their introduction into the market over 10 years ago because they offer an eco-friendly choice that will last longer than other materials while also being more versatile when it comes down to installation methods and styles offered by various manufacturers.

For instance, did you know that trex was used on Mt Rushmore at New Jersey’s tourist destination? It replaced boardwalks made out wood thereby making them not only environmentally friendly but safer for pedestrians who use this path daily due its lightweight properties which

Trex decking is made from 95% recycled materials. This includes wood, sawdust and plastics that come from different household packaging like plastic wrappers or grocery bags. Trex is one of the leading recycling companies in the US who reclaims more than 400 million pounds per year of these recyclables: 140,000 plastic bags are used to cover just 500 sq ft of a trex deck!

Trex Decking – A Short Definition

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Top Benefits of Trex Decking

 Trex decking is an innovative and versatile building material. It’s affordable, durable, easy to maintain and environmentally friendly! Here are the top reasons why more and more homeowners are falling in love with Trex decking.

Looks natural and beautiful

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Trex offers decks that feature more natural wood streaks and grain appearance. Trex decking comes in various colors but stain is not needed because they are designed to withstand the elements without fading or peeling, making it a perfect choice for anyone with an active lifestyle

Trex is the most environment-friendly building material in decking industry, and with 95% of it made from recycled materials such as plastic film, wood chips or sawdust. As contractors who have handled different kinds of construction through years – Trex was one that stood out to us for its environmentally conscience make up at a time when other companies were using virgin plastics exclusively.


Requires very minimal maintenance

trex deck utah

Trex decking is a maintenance-free material. Clean dirt and stains with water and soap, repel harsh weather elements like sun rays or rain to keep your Trex looking new for years on end!

One of the main reasons why most homeowners settle for materials that have an obvious artificial appearance is because they need minimal maintenance. However, when you choose Trex decking, you don’t need to compromise between requirement of upkeep such as cleaning it regularly or performance in terms of strength from various wear-and-weather conditions since this type can resist damage caused by these factors while still maintaining its stunning visual appeal no matter what happens over time.

Now more than ever, the world is going green and as a result different parts of homes are now following suit. One such area that many homeowners have turned to for this new eco-friendly trend in home design is your backyard deck! Decking from Texas Deck Company offers an affordable alternative with great durability – perfect if you’re looking for something low maintenance but still stunning enough to turn some heads while enjoying your yard space.