Deck Materials

Utah Deck Company specializes in different decking materials to provide our valued clients with only the best options that can give great value for money.

Utah Deck Company is an authorized Trex decking contractor. Trex’s exclusive composite formula combines the highest qualities of plastic and wood to come up with a more superior wood alternative. Plastic can shield the wood from insect and moisture damage and prevent splintering and rotting. Meanwhile, wood can keep the plastic protected from UV damage and provide a natural feel and look at the same time. This results to a decking material that only requires periodic cleaning so that it can stay beautiful for the many years to come with no need for painting, staining, or sanding.

One of the top benefits of Trex decking is that it doesn’t deteriorate or rot due to insects or harsh weather. Trex is also splinter-free with excellent traction even during wet conditions. This doesn’t contain preservatives and moisture and can resist damage from sunlight and moisture. Choose from a variety of finishes and colors of Trex decking here at Utah Deck Company.

If you have plans to add a deck and extend your current living space, among the most important decisions you need to make is decide on the type of material you will use. With Utah Deck Company, we help you choose the right decking material that fits your budget, your specific needs, and the current aesthetics of your home. Our team will walk you through the benefits of composite decking to help you decide if this is the perfect material for your deck.

Composite decking might still be a new decking material but it already proven the many benefits it can offer. The combination of wood, vinyl, and other types of recycled material, composite decking has longer lifespan compared to wooden decks. They can also hold up well even under more intense weather conditions. Composite decking is also resistant to pest infestations and rot without any need to use chemical treatments. This is also very low maintenance and only requires surface cleaning once every year.

If you have always wanted to add more living space to your house with no need to worry about the price of a full addition, wood decking might be the best choice for you. Wood decking creates an ideal space where you can entertain guests or lounge during summer months while increasing the value of your property.

At Utah Deck Company, we have skilled designers who will be working with you to come up with a custom wood deck design for your current living space. The process starts from choosing the kind of right kind of wood for your design.

One thing you will love about wood decks is their beauty and natural look. This allows wood decks to blend well with the rest of your landscaping while giving off that rustic appeal. They are also durable. You can stain your wood deck to help maintain its original appearance or you can also just let it weather to achieve that natural silver.