Your Dream Deck is Waiting
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Your Dream Deck is Waiting
Schedule a free estimate today!
Your Dream Deck is Waiting
Schedule a free estimate today!
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Welcome to Texas Deck Company – We Bring Your Dream Decks to Life!

Decks are a great way to maximize the outdoor space in your home. If you want an excellent deck that will improve your quality of life, then turn to Texas Deck Company! We specialize in custom decks and guarantee customer satisfaction with each project we take on. Our experienced designers can help make sure every detail is perfect for your lifestyle so all you have left to do is enjoy it!

Your deck will be built to last with Texas Deck Company. We have employees that are skillful craftsmen who ensure the highest quality of decks and excellent customer service for all your custom deck building needs!

Texas Deck company is made up of skilled craftspeople who work diligently on providing you with high quality decks combined with an exquisite level of customer service from beginning to end. We take pride not only in our dedication but also assurance that clients like yourself are satisfied at every step along your deck project’s path.

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Building High Quality Decks in all of Texas

Texas Deck Company has the reputation of providing low prices for high quality work. We set ourselves apart with affordable pricing, and are able to pass our savings onto you – which is why we have become a trusted provider in Texas for decking needs!

When looking at other deck providers who claim they offer cheaper rates, it’s important that you do your research before hiring them as many times these companies will take shortcuts or cut corners on their products- just so they can provide lower pricing than us.  We service the entire state of Texas – be sure to visit our service area location page.

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Here at Texas Deck Company, we focus on four key areas of decking:

Texas Deck Company is a family-owned company that specializes in building decks. We have been in business for many years and have have built more than 2,000 decks to date. Whether you are looking for a small deck or an elaborate one, Texas Deck Company has the expertise to make your dream deck come true.

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Texas Deck Company is the best deck installer in Texas. We will provide a free, no-obligation estimate on your project and match you with the perfect deck material to suit your needs. From composite decks to wood decks, we can do it all! Our team of professional contractors will get the job done quickly and efficiently so that you have space for entertaining guests or an outdoor retreat at home.

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Texas Deck Company`s philosophy is very simple. We create functional, affordable, unique and elegant decks like no other with a team that will do whatever it takes to make your dream deck come true. With no limits on design or creativity, this company has the skills to turn any project into reality so you can be proud of the final product.

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We provide our clients with full removal and demotion of their old decks. All you have to do is point and our team will get the job of hauling and demolishing done right away! If you want a new deck in your backyard, we`ll take care of everything else for you. Whether it be a small patio or large multi-level deck, Texas Deck Company has got you covered!

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We believe that the materials you use for your deck can make or break the project. For this reason, 95% of our jobs will use TREX decking material when constructing it.

TREX decks have always been a favorite among our clients simply because they work and they work well. If you need something that is scratch resistant, durable, and with the most luxurious appeal then look no further than TREX!

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Wood decks make the outside of a home look more attractive and inviting. A wood deck will create an even better atmosphere for outdoor parties, which could be one reason why it’s so popular among homeowners these days.

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Why Choose Texas Deck Company for Your Deck Needs?

We treat every client just like how we want to be treated!

Texas Deck Company believes in the importance of doing business with honesty and integrity. Our reputation is one key factor that sets us apart from other deck contractors around Texas! We make sure to meet all expectations so you will be proud when telling your friends, family members about our company! You can always count on Texas Deck Company for a high quality job done right every time

We leave your yard and home clean and mess-free!

Most deck contractors leave their client’s homes messy and dirty. But, this is never something you will experience with us because we believe that one simple act of courtesy is making sure our mess after your project has been completed. We respect your property as much as we respect you!

We build your deck right the first time!

We have a team of professionals here at our company who understands the importance and value that your home holds. We want to give you something beautiful, durable, and reliable with as little wait time as possible for installation. You’re always in mind when we build or install decks; quality is paramount for us!

We handpick all the materials we use for specific projects!

The first step is selecting from our wide assortment of quality materials and supplies, that way every project will be one-of-a kind! From there on out each job has its own unique challenges which means no two decks are alike – but they’ll all look great with professional deck installation by us.

But most importantly, Decks are our true passion.

At Texas Deck Company, we know that you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing who will work on your next project. We want our customers to be confident in their choice so they can rest easy knowing that the job is done right. Our team has had years experience working with decks – not only repairing them but also designing new ones from scratch!

At Texas Deck Company, we believe that you deserve a quality and affordable project. We are committed to giving you the best result possible in order for your addition to be something that is not only beautiful but will last for years. You can count on us from start-to-finish by always being upfront with all of our processes and involving you throughout each step of the way so that when it comes time for finalizing things like colors or design elements, every detail has been thought out based off what is right most importantly – YOU!

We service most major cities in Texas

We’re your one-stop shop for all of your Texas decking needs. Whether you need a residential or commercial deck, our experienced team members will come to you and take care of the job promptly with competitive pricing. Get in touch with us today!

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